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§  MATM022 Module Description


MATM022: Functional Analysis and PDEs


Sergey Zelik 


Class Details








1 – 12




1 --12






MATM022: There will be two class tests and an examination.

Class tests:   Friday November 8th and   Friday December 6th counts for 13% and 12% of the semester marks respectively

Examination counts for 75% of semester marks


Unassessed Assignments

There will be two unassessed MOCK-tests for MATM022 one week prior the main tests.


Course Material (Notes Exercises, hand-outs, assignments) 



General material:

            Link to Function Spaces module here

            Henk Brun’s typed notes for Function Spaces pdf

            Questions for self-control  .pdf

            Additional exercises  .pdf

            Scanned handwritten Lectures (Full Notes)  pdf

            NB: Contain most part of the required material and a bit more, but there

             is no one-to-one correspondence with the current year. Please, attend the lectures!! 


Lectures split by topics:

Introduction pdf

A reminder: vector and normed spaces pdf

Convexity and inequalities pdf

A reminder: convergence and continuity pdf

Completeness, completion and Lebesgue spaces pdf

Compactness pdf

Linear functionals, dual spaces and representation theorems  pdf

Weak and weak star convergence pdf

Distributions pdf (Not taught this year)

Sobolev spaces, integral inequalities and embedding theorems pdf

Weak solutions for PDEs pdf


Current year (2019):

Previous years: 


Mock-Test 1 with solutions pdf




MOCK-Test-I   pdf  with solutions

Test I  pdf with solutions

MOCK Test II pdf with solutions

Test II  pdf  with solutions




CourseWork I pdf  with solutions

Test 1(2016) with solutions   pdf

CourseWork II pdf  with solutions

             Test II (2016) pdf  with solutions!

            CourseWork I (Year 2015)  pdf       with solutions       

            ClassTest I (Year 2015)   pdf          with solutions      

            CourseWork II (Year 2015)  pdf    with solutions

            ClassTest II  (Year 2015)  pdf      with solutions

            CourseWork 1 with solutions (Year 2009) .pdf 

            Test with solutions (Year 2009) .pdf

            Coursework 2 (Year 2009) .pdf

            Final Test (year 2007) .pdf with solutions .pdf

            CourseWork1 (year 2007) .pdf

            CourseWork2 (year 2007) .pdf

            ClassTest1 (year 2007) .pdf

            Exam 2015 pdf with Informal Solutions pdf  NEW!!!

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