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Class Details


Day                         Time                     Room


Tuesday                  13-14                     LTB

Thursday                 13-14                    22AA04

Friday                      10-11                    LTD


In addition to the final examination, there will be one class test and one take-home assignment during the semester:

Unassessed Assignments

Week 1:      .pdf     Solutions: .pdf

Week 2-3:   .pdf     Solutions: .pdf

Week 4-5:   .pdf     Solutions: .pdf

Week 6-7:   .pdf     Solutions: .pdf

Week 8-10: .pdf     Solutions: .pdf

Assessed Coursework: .pdf   Solutions  .pdf

Class Test and Coursework Deadlines

Class test:          Thursday March 19 (Week 9)
Course work :    Tuesday April 28, 5pm (Week 11).
The deadline is very strict!! The solutions will be posed here Tuesday evening. All works received AFTER this will be marked by zero (with no excuse)!  NB: The third problem is simplified! Please, download a new version.



Course material (hand-outs/assignments)


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