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MAT1005: CALCULUS II (Vector Calculus)


Sergey Zelik


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1 11




1 -11

Friday (tutorial)


AP 3-4

1 11


MAT1005: There will be one class tests and an examination.

Class test: Friday May 4 (Week 9) counts for 25% of the semester marks

Examination counts for 75% of semester marks

Unassessed Assignments

There will be two unassessed courseworks for MAT1005

Course Material (Notes Exercises, hand-outs, assignments)

Current year (2012):

Lecture 1 (Analytic Geometry) pdf

Tutorial 1 with solutions pdf

Tutorial 2 with solutions pdf

Tutorial 3 with solutions pdf

Tutorial 4 with solutions pdf

Tutorial 5 with solutions pdf

Tutorial 6 with solutions pdf

Tutorial 7 with solutions pdf

Tutorial 8 with solutions pdf

Tutorial 9 with solutions pdf

Unassessed CourseWork I pdf with solutions.

Unassessed CourseWork II pdf with solutions

Class Test with comments and solutions pdf

Previous year (2011):

Scanned handwritten notes (the same as for the current year except of second order ODEs)

Lecture 2 (Differentiable functions of many variables): pdf

Lecture 3-4 (Differentiable functions of many variables continued): pdf

Lecture 5-6 (Taylor expansions, maximums and minimums): pdf

Lecture 7-8 (Minimization with constrains. Lagrange multipliers): pdf

Lecture 9 (Vector functions of many variables. Jacobi matrix): pdf

Lecture 10-11 (Chain rule and change of variables in differential operators): pdf

Lecture 12-13 (Implicit functions and implicit function theorem): pdf

Lecture 14-15 (Linear Second order ODEs): pdf

Lecture 16 (Riemann integration: an extended reminder): pdf

Lecture 17-19 (Multiple integrals): pdf

Lecture 20 (Line and surface integrals - scalar case): pdf

Lecture 21 (Line and surface integrals vector case): pdf

Lecture 22 (Integration by parts in multiple integrals): pdf

Lecture 23 (Potential vector fields and potentials): pdf

ClassTest I with solutions pdf

ClassTest II with solutions pdf

Problems of Tutorial I with Solutions. pdf

Problems of Tutorial II with solutions pdf

Problems of Tutorial III with solutions pdf

Problems of Tutorial IV with solutions pdf

Problems of Tutorial V with solutions pdf

Questions for self-control Part I pdf

Questions for self-control Part II pdf

CWI (2011)with solutions:. pdf

CWII(2011) II with solutions: pdf

Notations (problems detected in the test papers!!! ) pdf

NB! It is EXTREMELY recommended to re-read the solutions of the Tutorials problems as well as the Courseworks problems BEFORE the Tests/EXAM !!!!!


Previous years: Warning: there are no one-to-one correspondences between that materials and current lectures

Partial derivatives (printed notes, thanks to Stephen Gourley). pdf

Min-Max 2 variables + many examples pdf

Additional reading

 1) Thomass Calculus

2) Calculus by James Stewart

Both are available in the Library.

External links

A brilliant engine for the online computing of partial derivatives, integrals, solving min-max problems and for doing many other things!

Can be used for the self training and self checking especially if there are problems with computing derivatives!!